Metals casted in copper, bronze, brass, etc.

COBYMA has a highly experienced team with more than 30 years in smelting copper and alloys,
providing the best technical information of a wide range of casting, forging, rolling products, as well as
the final machining necessary to get the finished parts as required.

Cobyma: Copper and metal alloys


COBYMA has a large supply programme, and provides materials in different formats and different qualities, such:

Alloys with high copper content (Copper-chromium), Copper-Beryllium, Cu-Nickel, Bronze-Aluminum, Bronze, Brass German nickel, Aluminium, Cu-Tungsten, Tungsten, Molibdenum, Titanium, Steel, and any kind of Metal in general.


COBYMA provides all the supply programmes to the main industrial sector, specially Automotive, Chemical, Electronic and Electrical, Construction, Naval, Railway, Welding, as main ones.

Due to the wide range of applications, materials and formats are different depending on the application (Electrodes, useful for welding machines, friction rings, contacts, electric devices, disc gags of electric ovens, welding pincers for resistance, electro-erosion, pistons for aluminum injection, moulds for plastics, chemical devices, butterfly valves, parts exposed to corrosion, tubes and a long etc).


COBYMA delivers a high service grade to the customers, from the initial process until products are delivered at customer's home.