The metallurgical copper non-alloyed is characterized by its excellent conductivity, electrical and thermal, good ressistance to the corrosion, attractive colour and ductibility. Therefore there are many applications for electrical uses chemical, thermal and others.


Designation K-101 K-102 K-103
Chemical composition 99,9%Cu 98%Cu >99,85%Cu
Electrical Conductivility (% IACS) 100 - 101 >75 95-98


Hardness Brinell-HB 45-115
Tensile strenght (Kg/mm²) 22-40
Elongation 50 (mm - % ) 6-48
Elastic boundary (Kg/mm² ) 5-34
Density (Kg/dm³ ) 8,9


The features of the coppers varies according to its state, coved or forging, and within this last, will depend on the degree on deformation due to the fact that they may have been submitted.


Equivalences Copper electrolitic tenacious
Cu-ETP DIN 1708 
Smelting copper   DIN 40.500
Applications Brushin Rings, electrodes of electric wear and tear, aparellage electrical Oven gags electrics... Laminated
Supply Wrought and print Melted Bars, profiles, tapes, sheets, pipes.. In hard state or cooved.


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