We designate bronze to the copper and tin alloys with contents of Sn of the 2 to the 25%. Frequently these alloys contain other elements as the lead or the zinc, something which permits to split them in binary bronze and complex bronze those which have three or more elements. Copper and aluminium alloys frequently designated bronze to the aluminium are described apart low the denomination of Copper-Aluminiums.

The binary bronze are known also as phosphorous bronze because of the residual phosphorus content that is appended for desoxidize the alloy. The complex bronze with zinc are designated usually red bronze.


Designation Compos. Equival. Density Tensile strenght (kg/mm²) Yield strenght (kg/mm²) Lengthen (%) Hardness Brinell HB Electric conduct. (% IACS)
K-501 Cu Sn 10 DIN 1705
G-Sn Bz 10
8,8 25-31 12 15 60-75 10-12
K-502 Cu Sn 12 DIN 1705
G-Sn Bz 12
8,9 25-33 14 10 80-95 11-12
K-503 Cu Sn 14 DIN 1705
G-Sn Bz 14
8,9 20-30 16 4 85-115 8-9
K-504 Cu Sn 10 Pb 5 DIN 1716
G-SN Pb Bz 5
8,9 22-26 14 18 70-85 6-12
K-505 Cu Sn 8 Pb 15 DIN 1716
G-Sn Pb Bz 15
9,1 20-24 11 12 60-70 7-12
K-506 Cu Sn 8 Pb 20 DIN 1716
G-Sn Pb Bz 20
9,2 18-20 10 10 30-50 8-15
K-507 Cu Sn 10 Zn 2 DIN 1705
8,4 28-35 10 10 65-80 11-12
K-508 Cu Sn 5 Pb 5 Zn 5 DIN 1705
8,8 20-30 10 11 65-75 13-16
K-509 Cu 80 Sn Pb Zn     15-25 10-14 10-20 60-70  


Exist numerous other bronze that we can offer you/them low demand.

Supply: In molten pieces, bars and dollas centrifugal and continuous wash bars.


K-501 resistant tenacious Material to the rust and to the cavitation with great elongation, resistant to the sea water. Adapted for valves and cases of high solicitation pump, buns and palette wheels for pumps and water turbines, friction cushions.
K-502 tenacious hardness Material with good resistance to the wear, resistant to the sea water. Adapted for coupling and piece anchorages of high solicitation coupling, tuervas of low moved screw loads for spiral wheels and spiral of rapid march, solicitation superior.
K-503 Hard material, resistant to the sea water. Adapted for mid bearings of friction with load points of up to 600 Kp/cm2 and slide and bar boards of high solicitation slide.

Bronze to the lead and smelting tin hardless. Tenacious material with good slide properties and good resistance to the wear. Good resistant to the corrosion, especially against diluted hydrochloric and sulphuric acid, as well as fat acids.

Adapted for friction cushions with surface pressures, in those which can be presented light edge compressions, p. ej., lark and cushion cylinders of connecting rod, cushions for warm lamination trains. Resistant valves to the acid.


Adapted for cushions with high surface pressures, cushions for cold lamination trains, also with refrigeration pipes. Valves and resistant smelting pieces to the acid.

Good properties of emergency march for lack of temporary lubricant and for oiling with water.


Adapted for cushions with high surface and low speed pressures of march, as well as for cushions of high solicitation friction in union with mid bearings of support of steel; cushions for machines of molinería, water pumps, cold lamination trains and of plates, cushions of connecting rod in motor of internal combustion.

Valves and resistant smelting pieces to the corrosion. Properties of emergency march particularly good for lack of temporary lubricant and for water oiling.

K-507 Hard material, resistant to the sea water. Adapted for garrison of ship shafts, cylinder coatings for paper and of larks, wheel tire spirals with slide speeds you decrease, nuts of solicitation screw moderate and friction cushions.
K-508 Material hardless, soldable with weld brandish and condicionalmente strong, resistant to the sea water. adapted for normal solicitation collectors and rings of valve seat, as well as cushions of solicitation friction moderate.
K-509 General use for ferroles and other applications without great responsibility.


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